Boots & Booties

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EVENT: Boots & Booties – The Largest Military Baby Shower Ever!

EVENT DATE/TIME: Saturday, June 22, 2013; 1300-1600 hours

LOCATION: Crown Expo Center

For the third time, Fayetteville Cares will host a baby shower for 1,000 military moms called Boots & Booties.  The audience for this event is pregnant and recently delivered women from Ft Bragg and Pope Field; women that are pregnant at the time of the baby shower and women that have delivered up to three months prior; and military ID holders stationed at Ft Bragg or Pope Field as well as National Guard and Reserve units attached to either installation. The program for the event will include food, entertainment, multiple gift giveaways including a chance to win a new Chevy Cruz, and information booths will be open to provide information and resources for a variety of topics.

This shower is hosted by Fayetteville Cares to provide a celebration and good time for the military mothers.  The shower is for mothers only. We ask that husbands and other guest not attend.  Also we will be providing child care for those that may need it.  Please ensure you request it on the registration form.

Thanks to our Sponsors for helping to make this event possible for the 1000 military mommies. Please visit our sponsor page to see the companies and individuals that contributed to this event

Registration is CLOSED

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